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PMC 2014 – SAM goes Hollywood!!

Well, more like Inglewood actually…


If you didn’t know that Stephen Arnold Music has a production music catalog called “The Vault”, then shame on you. And if you didn’t know that we’re also proud members of the Production Music Association, then double shame on you. And if you didn’t know that the 1st Annual Production Music Conference is THIS FRIDAY, then well, you get the idea…


This new day-long event that brings together Composers, Libraries, Technology Providers, Music Users and More.  The industry’s thought leaders will be on hand and on panels to provide YOU with tools to create better, work smarter, and license your music more wisely!


So, if you’re planning on attending, drop us a line and we’ll see you in Hollywood! Or Inglewood really… pretty much the same right?



Following My Passion

Coming from a country where oil refineries are the bread and butter of life, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that a music career doesn’t sound too appealing to the ears of some parents where I grew up.


That was kind of my case.


I was born and raised in a little town in the north part of Venezuela, on a little peninsula called Paraguana. There are three things you can find out there: beautiful beaches, perfect weather and oil refineries.


I always loved music and I started playing music at a young age and had several bands growing up. But, when it was time to go to college, I didn’t have too many options given the local industry; it was either be an Oil & Gas Engineer, or an Oil & Gas Engineer! I lost my dad at a young age and he was a Mechanical Engineer his whole life, despite never recieving a college degree in it…So I went to college and got a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I knew its what he would have wanted


After six months and a horrible experience working in oil refineries I decided to follow my passion: Music!  I came to the U.S. with $100 in my pocket and did not speak English. My best friend from high school was living here already, so I stayed with him; going to community college to learn English and working as a cashier to pay for my school. I went to Dallas Sound Lab, now called Media Tech.


After I finished I thought it was my time to shine.  But nobody called; no emails, nothing!! So, Plan B… wait, there wasn’t a Plan B.


Finally I got an interview in Austin, to work in a Recording Studio there. The interview never happened, even though I sat in their lobby waiting for 4 hours AND after driving 3 hours to get there.


On my way back home I got a call from somebody I had never heard of. I never sent my resume to him, but some how he found me…his name is Stephen Arnold, from Stephen Arnold Music.


I remember that conversation like it was yesterday. Stephen said, “ I would like to bring you in for an interview for a paid internship.” … pause… I thought was a friend of mine making fun of me. I said, “look man, this is not funny, my day is a mess, don’t joke with me right now”… pause… Stephen: “I would like to bring you in for an interview for a paid internship”… pause.. me: “holy crap! So sorry man, sure I will be there!”   Wow, I was speechless.


11 years later I still work for Stephen as a Senior Audio Editor and Sound Designer in the Creative Services Department. I have been learning from the best, because I want to be the best. Working at SAM has been a unique experience, learning so much more about the music business than I had ever even dreamt about. The quality of musicians I have the privilege to work with every day and the amazing writers, producers and engineers help me to grow professionally.


Learning the creative process of making music at SAM is such a unique thing, the way we walk step by step with the client to get to know exactly what they have in their mind is just amazing. Following my passion has taken me for a nice ride, and I am still learning. I’ve been doing Sound Design, Mixing, Recording, also I have the chance to do Live Sound and even working on Movie Sets as a freelancer. And of course I still get a band together when I can…. Gonzo City may have played its last gig in Ft Worth, but here’s a picture of the guys!


I guess the phrase “Follow Your Passion” worked perfect for me. A wise man told me once, “Find what you love to do and then find the way to get paid doing it”. Music is such of big part of everything, and learning how to be good at it has opened a lot of doors in my career; and it is because of working at a place like SAM that I am where I am in my professional career.


Journey – A Black History Month Special with Sponsorship Opportunities

Sam2-Journey-v3We have a great new product from our Sam2 media division - a Black History Month Special with Sponsorship Opportunities.

“Journey” is a never before told true story about the role free blacks played in the founding of the first city in the United States.

  • A sponsorable documentary special perfect for Black History month
  • Full 26 minute version available as well as five 2-minute segments for play in news.
  • Play it on-air, on-line, or in-school. The entire documentary can be given to local schools by the presenting sponsor and TV station during Black History Month for use in their classrooms.
  • Market Exclusive

For more information, please contact Gordon Smith at our Sam2 Atlanta office:
ph: 404-600-8257

You can check out the Journey Overview, Promo Trailer and Linconville Segment on our microsite at:



The Non Musician – There is a Place for you in the Music Business!

Often, when you meet someone new, one of the first questions they ask is, “What do you do?”  Which always means, “What do you do for a living?”  I reply that I rep Stephen Arnold Music and explain that we produce original music for broadcast and cable networks, along with creating branded music packages for local television stations.  With excitement and intrigue, they ask, “Oh, you’re a musician?”  I anticipate the big let down when I’m forced to respond in the negative.   “Well, do you play an instrument?”  Again, my less than thrilling answer: “No.”

Yes, I work for a music company, but I do not have a musical bone in my body.  I tried picking up the guitar, but my fingers are really not long enough or strong enough.  I tried playing the piano; again, it’s helpful to have longer digits.  I played the flute in elementary school, but there was just too much spitting – ewww, gross.  I suppose if Stephen was in need of a tambourine player, I could keep a gypsy beat . . . or if he needed a cow-bellist, I’d be happy to volunteer.

I’ve been with Stephen Arnold Music for 10 years, and I still stand in awe of the talent and brilliance that surrounds me. Music moves us; it motivates us to do something – dance, sing, cry, or run into the room to catch a newscast – because we recognize the music. So I am proud to say, I am part of the music industry, even though I have no musical talent.

I was talking to Pat Beard from WCTI about this very subject, and he so eloquently stated, “Every great musician needs someone awesome to support them, and that person is you.”  I like that!

So next time someone asks me what I do I just might say, “I am an awesome support person for some great musicians!”


Our talented SAM staff and their instruments:

Stephen: Guitar, piano, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, harp guitar

Chad: Piano, keyboards

Whitney: Guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, piano

Noelle: French horn, mellophone, trumpet

Alice: Awesome support person

Michael: Violin, guitar (novice- with 4 songs under his belt!)

Clay: Saxophone, bass guitar, piano, guitar, and vocals AND flute, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, and tuba

Tinley: Awesome support person

Jesus: Guitar, bass guitar, congas and bongos, drums, keyboard

Lyndsey: Awesome support person

Katherine: Awesome support person

Paul: Keyboards



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Second Chance for a “Last Dance” – UPDATED

At this year’s Station Summit in Vegas, we gave away a Tom Petty autographed 1950s Road Worn Fender Stratocaster.  Unfortunately a really fantastic session ran long, and many folks missed out on their chance to win.  So we’re giving them all another shot.

If you attended the Summit and entered our giveaway while there, you’re already entered in our Second Chance giveaway.  We’ll be drawing a winner tomorrow (Wednesday, July 9th) at 1PM.  Shortly after, we’ll post a video of the drawing right here.  So stay tuned to this page to see if you’ve won!

Petty Strat


UPDATE – We have our winner!

Congratulations to Rick Swanson from KING-TV!  He’s today’s lucky winner.

PromaxBDA: NYC and Station Summit …. Done!

Sometimes being the “new kid on the block” has its perks! Especially when it means joining the Stephen Arnold Music team just in time for their Promax conferences in NYC and Las Vegas!

PromaxDBA: The Conference in New York was the beginning of a whole new world for me. So much to soak up, in so little time! Amidst all the hustle and meeting new clients, I was able to sit in on Stephen and Chad leading a session featuring the huge project of rebranding CCTV China’s foreign language channels. Completely blew my mind. It was so fun sitting next to a couple of guys from ESPN and getting to say “Isn’t that awesome?? They did all of our custom music!” I was beaming with pride just being a part of SAM and everything that it implies.

It was also great getting to meet some of our partners at The Brand Gallery — what a cool group they are! I am super excited to work closely with them on upcoming projects. It honestly felt like going to meet extended family at Thanksgiving — I could quickly tell that these guys love SAM, and we love them. They are OUR extended family here, and couldn’t be happier about that.

Overall, just the energy of Promax NY was exhilarating and left me wanting more. I was ready for round #2 in Vegas for sure!

And oh how Vegas did NOT disappoint! The Station Summit was a full 5 days of meeting clients and hosting happy hours in our SAM suite. We couldn’t go out without a bang of course … the annual SAM party jam session was a little “too rowdy” for the Mirage, and security shut us down just after 11pm! It’s apparent that SAM likes to have fun, y’all!

The best part about the TONS of new people that I met, they all had one thing in common: Raving fans of Stephen Arnold Music. They all went on and on about how great it is to work with SAM, how the music is incomparable to anything else they’ve heard, how much they love the people at SAM they get to work with … just kept going! Again, beaming with pride that I get the opportunity to be a part of a worthwhile company like SAM. It’s not every day that a stranger riding up the elevator with you looks at your badge and says, “Aren’t you lucky?! You get to work for Stephen Arnold Music!” The reputation that we have is incredible. Easily the coolest thing about getting to attend these conferences as the “newbie”— feeling like I was getting to tag along with ROCKSTARS! Everyone knows SAM!

I’m over the moon excited to join the Stephen Arnold Music team and can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work!


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The Sound of The Story – Promax Station Summit 2014

Stephen Arnold Music - Station SummitThe annual Station Summit is upon us, and Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) will be there with the best music in the local broadcast television industry!

Are you attending the conference at the Mirage in Las Vegas? Make plans to stop by our special Promax guitar display, You’ll see some amazing guitars, three from Stephen’s personal collection that are featured in his recent book, A Story of Six Strings.

We’ll also be giving away a 1950s Road Worn Fender Stratocaster autographed by none other than rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame guitarist Tom Petty.

Make plans to stop by, have a chat, drop your card in the box and maybe walk away with a classic, signed guitar. The drawing is Thursday, June 26 at noon. Remember, you must be present to win.

Thursday night, don’t miss our legendary “After Hours Acoustic Jam,” now in its fourth year, featuring the sensational Byron Bordaux. We’ll be jammin’ along with our many station friends from across the country in the Penthouse Suite at the Mirage from 9 until it all comes tumblin’ down!

Good luck and hope to see you kickin’ it with us in Vegas … baby!

Click here for more info about Station Summit »

Promax Preview…..SAM style!

Happy Monday everyone!

It’s another gorgeous Spring day here in New York and, after lounging in Central Park most of the weekend, I’m so thankful that I won’t have to leave the city for this year’s PromaxDBA: The Conference!

Stephen, Chad, and Lyndsey will all be joining me in NYC for the June 10-12th conference. I moseyed over to the Hilton Midtown last week to check out the venue, and I think we’re going to have another great convergence of creative geniuses!  And, if you haven’t heard, Stephen and Chad will be giving conference-goers the inside scoop in a session featuring the rebrand and relaunch of CCTV China’s foreign language channels.  Stop by the Mercury Room on Thursday at 3:45. Hope everyone’s able to check it out! #WTFuture

Win this Tom Petty Signed Strat!!

Win this Tom Petty Signed Strat!!

And if local creative is your game, keep pushing until the end of May book on Wednesday! Then give us a shout if you’d like to meet up in Vegas! This year we’ll be taking over The Mirage the last week of June for the PromaxBDA Station Summit. And yes, the wrap party Thursday night is a go. Feel free to send us a note to make sure you’re on the invite list and get all the official details.

Whether we’re seeing you in Vegas or NYC be sure to stop by, say hello, and drop your business card in for our drawing for a Tom Petty signed Road Worn Fender Stratocaster!

On a personal note – is it inappropriate to take a baby to Vegas? Nah, didn’t think so. Baby Alanis will be joining us at the roulette table. That’s his game. #STATIONSUMMIT

Baby Alanis on a roll....

Baby Alanis on a roll….

Record Store Day!!!

2 weeks ago tomorrow, on Saturday April 19th, Jack White took to the stage in the Blue Room – an intimate venue attached to his Third Man Records store – and proceeded to crank out two tunes and record them straight to acetate. “The World’s Fastest Record” was tracked, pressed and sold in 3 hours, 22 minutes and 21 seconds.

At roughly the same time in my own neighborhood here in Dallas, – a few hours after doors opened at dawn to a line snaking around the building – several local bands took to the stage at Good Records on Lower Greenville, while patrons scoured the record bins and food trucks waited outside.   What was the occasion?  Record Store Day of course!


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Since 2007, Record Store Day has been held to promote the independent record store – which ironically are the only record stores left!  The days of Virgin Megastores, Tower Records, and even smaller chains like Peaches are all defunct.   My first experience of Record Store Day was in 2011 at Rough Trade, just off of Portobello Road in London where I was living at the time – I snagged a numbered copy of Gorillaz “The Fall” (written entirely on an iPad during a 2010 US tour)

Working here at Stephen Arnold Music, we’re all audiophiles and are constantly fielding requests for mp3 versions of songs and the overall devaluation of music.  And the idea that artists are timing the release of new material or packaging specialty releases in small batches – and specifically targeting Vinyl / LPs / 45’s as a delivery platform is incredibly refreshing!

I personally still remember finding my folks’ old Technics SL-D2 and an original copy of Led Zeppelin II…. for a 9 year old it was a musical awakening and truly blew my mind.

So here’s my advice to you:  Take out your white earbuds, pause that compressed Apple m4a audio file, and take time out of your busy schedule next April to check out next year’s Record Store Day.  There’s something for everyone – this year’s Record Store Day releases ranged from Gram Parsons to The Ramones to Public Enemy to Haim.  And remember to play it loud!

Find out more here:


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