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What’s the Sound of YOUR Story? Contest and Giveaway!

stephen arnold music contest

It’s a contest!  Simply submit your Promos, Branding, Image Campaigns, PSA’s, Specials & Graphic Opens.
Then check out the best work from your peers on our video voting site.
You Vote to Choose Who Wins! (Voting starts January 26th)


How It Works:
Simply enter your video(s) with the form above (must be a YouTube or Vimeo link) by January 25th. After that, users can vote for their favorite video one (1) time every 24 hours during the voting period.  After 2 weeks, the most popular video will be the winner!

Contact all your office mates, colleagues, peers, fans, friends, family, family friends, real friends, fake friends, facebook friends, friends with benefits, friends without benefits, followers, tweeters, instagramers, viners, and every random person who will support you and vote for your video so YOUR STATION can WIN this amazing guitar from Stephen’s collection:  An authenticated Gibson Les Paul signed by Les Paul from the 1980’s!

The winning video will be posted & Promoted at:,, and

Enter Now through January 25th.  You Choose Who Wins.  Enter Your Video Now!

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Promax Asia 2014!

We’ve had quite an eventful year here at SAM – which we’ll no doubt touch on very soon, so check back here in the coming weeks! But in a year where we saw one of our largest rebranding projects EVER in CCTV International, we just had to get out to Promax Asia, held this year in Singapore!

Stephen Arnold Music was pleased to be a sponsor this year, and if you attended and didn’t pick up one of Stephen’s books – A Story of Six Strings – then be sure to let us know, and we’ll get one shipped out to you.

Our partners in the CCTV rebrand – Flint Skallen – were presenters in the session “A Deep Dive Into The Rebranding of CCTV International”


We’re very pleased to continue our long standing relationship with Promax and look forward to many more international projects!

Christmas CD benefitting Little Kids Rock!! The 6 Strings of Christmas

Season’s Greetings Everyone,

We’re back again this Holiday Season hoping to make our industry aware of this great organization, Little Kids Rock™.

Little Kids Rock™ provides free music lessons and instruments to underserved public school kids around the country.

Last year we were able to put 60 brand new acoustic guitars into the hands of children by raising over $3000 selling our Christmas CD, The Six Strings Of Christmas, which features many of our great Texas studio friends playing their own 6-string yuletide arrangements (100% of the proceeds go to Little Kids Rock).

Each CD costs just $9.99, and 100% of the proceeds are donated to Little Kids Rock, which means:

  • 1 CD = Provides a child with three months of music lessons!
  • 5 CDs = Puts a brand new acoustic guitar into a child’s hands!
  • 10 CDs = Supplies a keyboard and amp to a public school music class!

So with the purchase of “The Six Strings of Christmas” by Stephen Arnold Music, you will be helping Little Kids Rock provide free instruments and music lessons to disadvantaged public school students in some of the most economically challenged communities in the United States!

Listen Now >>


Thanks for giving our children the right to rock!


Live samples from the sessions:

A Concert Maximus

Concerts. Let’s just say I’ve been to more than a few. From the symphony hall to the super-amplified arena, I’ve enjoyed many….well, most of them. Maximizing my concert experience is fraught with obstacles, but the big arenas try to make up for it. I stand in line to enter the venue, in line for beer and nachos, in line at the tee-shirt kiosk, and by this time I’ve finished my beer, in line to the restroom, to one day make it to my seat as the house lights go down and the crowd stands to a mezzo-frenzy. Whew! Magically, as though it were planned, light and sound burst into the venue and there on the stage are the entertainers I came to see and hear. Woo-whoo! Oh, I left out the second beer.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s ironic my ticket has a seat number. I can’t remember the last time I “sat” through an amplified concert. The front row stands up and the inevitable reverse domino-effect forces the whole arena to their feet. Goodbye, seat. Hello, feet. Maybe they should remove the seats and assign us a painted square on the floor. Now this would not work in America — we would lose our cup-holder.


I really [try to] enjoy concerts. Did I mention that? Well, it’s the music that lured me. One thing I’ve found that gets in the way of the sound is . . . the sound. Sounds kinda Zen, no? Though concert sound re-enforcement has really advanced nicely over the years, it can be a rather massive assault on the senses. Most of us wouldn’t have it any other way. And there was much rejoicing by all! I want to maximize my concert experience, but I can’t turn it up past 11.


Oh, yes I can.   …. or at least turn in down to 11. Introducing earplugs.


Which brings us to what I call Concert Maximus.


Now don’t close your browser just yet. It’s amazing! Those spongy earplugs that re-expand in your outer ear seem to work the best for me. With earplugs I can still feel the chest-pounding barometrics, but now I can hear every nuance in the band, every subtlety in the performance. I can hear harmonies and harmonics that were masked by my eardrums being introduced in the middle of my head. With the band fortissimo, I can hear every subtlety on the drummer’s high-hat, the bass player’s frets on every note, the singer gasping for the next line. I can hear Fletcher and Munson applauding. (Hey, look it up.) I can hear the people behind me snickering at my earplugs. But, I can . . . hear . . . the concert!


Once I get past the initial Babblefish sensation of a bowling ball expanding in my ear, the advantages surface and continue beyond the encore. Afterward I don’t have the fashionable ear-hangover, that virtual cotton-in-my-ear sensation. I’m able to remember the concert better, since initially hearing it with higher detail, and have maximized the odds of getting my money’s worth. With that I’ll have another beer.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I understand your disbelief. I was embarrassed the first time I used plugs at a concert. But the experience was so copious, the performance so distinct, I will never attend another concert without.


Paul West

Chief Engineer

Stephen Arnold Music

It’s all in a [Sonic] Brand: Revisiting 1970s Sports Branding in Broadcast Television

Working for The World Leader in Sonic Branding™ means I’m well versed in the Pavlovian effect music has on the human brain.  Which is a fancy way of saying that as a mega sports fan, I know that when I hear this:


…I’m ready for some Football!

That, of course, is Sonic Branding: Being able to identify something – anything – based only on the music or notes associated with it.

And believe it or not, little 12 year old Mikey Finnegan, already a sports nut, also already knew what Sonic Branding was.  So here are 5 examples from my childhood of how my favorite pastime – SPORTS! – intersected with my job of the past 10 years – MUSIC!   And even way back in the mid-70’s, without grasping the importance of branded music, I was influenced by it…

ABC’s Wide World of Sports – Charles Fox’s classic music combined with announcer Jim McKay’s famous line “the Thrill of the Victory and the Agony of Defeat” left an indelible impression in my young mind. Whenever I heard the theme, I’d sprint to the TV room to catch the show open and probably a Muhammad Ali boxing match.  This is also a great example of how music and other audio elements – like Jim McKay’s voice over – can work in tandem to reinforce a brand and a sonic brand.

ABC’s Monday Night Football – Fox also composed another outrageously popular sports theme of the 70’s, Monday Night Football.  And who could forget Howard Cosell’s legendary voice backed by perhaps the most recognizable TV theme song of that era?

This Week In Baseball - As I grew older, I began turning to Basketball; but Baseball was the first sport I was fanatical about, and a show called This Week In Baseball was my all-time favorite. Again, the voice over – this time delivered by Mel Allen –  worked perfectly to create the overall sonic brand…but it was this song by John Scott that signified my next hour was spoken for.


Olympics Theme Song – Officially titled”Bugler’s Dream and Olympic Fanfare Medley”, John Williams’ classic sports theme signified power, athleticism and crossed borders and countries.


Wimbledon Championships – This music screams 1970, but it also told me that the greatest tennis tournament was on TV.


As I write, we are in the midst of sports television glory: MLB’s World Series, mid-season NCAA/NFL (how bout them Cowboys!!!), and the start of the season for both the NHL and NBA.  In fact this weekend all four will be on the tube at some point.  And even if you’re in another room, you’ll know whether its baseball, football, basketball or hockey just by listening to the music.  And THAT’S Sonic Branding.


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