Stephen Arnold Music

The Most Heard, Least Known Composers In America

And the winner is…

At last week’s PromaxBDA conference in New York City we gave away more cool stuff, including 2 guitars (one ‘Hendrix’ model Strat, and a Tom Petty autographed Telecaster), as well as some awesome leather jackets & boots, and even a copy of Stephen Arnold’s forthcoming book “A Story of Six Strings.”

Congratulations to all our winners:

• Elizabeth Massip of Bravo won the Fender Telecaster autographed by Tom Petty.

• Dave Hirschberg of Telemundo took home the Hendrix replica Fender Strat.

• Terry Gallagher of Discovery nabbed the female leather jacket and boots

• Chad Reed of Golf Channel will soon be sporting the King Ranch leather jacket.

• John Dance of CNN won a copy Stephen Arnold’s book “A Story of Six Strings”

Stephen Arnold (left) with guitar winners Dave Hirschberg of Telemundo (center); and Elizabeth Massip of Bravo.


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